What are your 3 Words for 2011

Chris Brogan has a blog I read everyday.  His 3 words for the new year are REINVEST, PACKAGE, and FLOW.  Read the article here.

I’ve listed mine below.

Invest – I have a goal of investing in relationships that have been established here in Ashland and also to create some new ones.  There are leaders that are being built up for the purpose of ministry involvement and there are relationships with people in the Ashland High School where we are currently meeting that are being initiated this year as well.  I have some fitness goals. I have some financial goals as well. I have some goals involving Grad work.  I have community goals that require me to invest in the projects already started while trying not to take on too many new things.

Communicate – If there is one thing that I have always wanted to be better at it is in the area of communication.  I am striving to streamline communication to those I am responsible to and for.

Handoff – During the early days of a church plant you don’t have the luxury of not doing everything.  One thing I have to do much better in 2011 is manage flow of tasks and executing a proper handoff to qualified people:  I need less stress in 2011 and these three words will drive me towards that goal.

What are your three?


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