7 Questions That Help You Discover God’s Plan For Your Life

I’m reading a book by Bill Hybels entitled Courageous Leadership.  Bill is huge into maximizing a leaders receptivity to what God is calling that person too.  He says that he often talks to leaders who are frustrated by their inability to gain clarity about God’s vision.

I’ve listed below the questions he asks any leader who struggling with this.

1. Have you yielded yourself fully enough to God?

2. Have you asked God to unveil his vision for your life, or are you asking him to bless a plan that you’ve already come up with?

3. Have you fasted and prayed?

4. Have you been quiet and waited on God in solitude?

5. Have you cleaned up sinful patterns in your life?

6. Have you cleaned up distractions and ambient noise that would keep you from hearing what God is trying to say to you?

7. Have you read avidly? Have you traveled widely? Have you exposed yourself to the kaleidoscope of visions that God has given the others so that you can be inspired by the variety of options?

Some of these questions were paraphrased but the bulk of the content is in here word for word.
I love this last quote when Bill says, “Please don’t miss this.  If God has given you a kingdom vision, if you see it clearly and feel it deeply, you had better take responsibility for it.  You had better give your life to it.  That’s why God made you a leader. That’s your unique calling.  That’s what you and I will be held accountable for someday.”

Do you know what God’s vision is for your life?

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