10 Things I Learned at Tough Mudder

I ran the Tough Mudder over a week ago and have compiled a list of things that I saw and have reflected on. One thing is for sure that you learn a lot about yourself and the limitations you have when you run a race like that.

1. I read a handful of blogs from some  who had put together a list of things to be prepared for.  You can read all the lists you want that tell you what to prepare for but all your body has to do is stop working and it doesn’t matter what you read.

2. Parking passes and waivers are only necessary for people who look untrustworthy.

3. Mud boots are non negotiable if you plan on volunteering at the event.

4. I read everything I could about getting ready for the race, but nothing for volunteering.

5. Volunteering is racing.

6. Having reserves for people at the hospitality tent was a great idea. I had an extra T-shirt, a knife for muddy shoe removal, jackets, and gloves. We had no job description at our hospitality booth. We just got dropped off and we became what the people needed.

7. Some guys will quit by as much as a significant injury, or as little as fatigue. Not quitting the race even though one is in pre-hypothermic shock does not prove the validity of ones manliness.

8. Real heroes exist. I met a guy that had open heart surgery a year earlier and his house and business were demolished by a tornado one week prior to running. He was running the race with his two sons. You can’t handle all that manliness.

9. The Arctic Enema is a real bad deal.  Everyone that had problems seems to have all originated there. You are no less manly for walking AROUND it avoiding it altogether.

10. You know it’s bad when your chiropractor spots you before the race begins and discourages you from participating.

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