Where is “home”?

A part of me has always wanted to live somewhere else. It doesn’t matter where, or in what season of life, I’ve been in. My family and I first moved from Richmond Indiana, where I was born, when I was nine years old, to Vermont. During that time I really missed “home” because of it being the only thing I ever knew. Later in kidhood my family and I lived in Florida and it was then that I missed the Midwest. Yet after another move (back in the Midwest) I couldn’t get Publix and Bahia grass off my mind.

Call me an armchair drifter doomed to mentally wander through endless geographical possibilities.

The truth is I get bored.

I can’t help but think that all the moving fashioned me to fancy change. My parents were faithful to God serving in vocational ministry which meant all of the moving was a supreme act of obedience. I have a very close friend who is moving for the same exact reason. He is needed by God to serve elsewhere and I’m excited for he and his family even though it’s hard to see him go.


What and where is that exactly? I don’t think I’m the most qualified to answer but IMHO…

“Home is where you hang your pictures.” “Home is where the heart is.” “Home is where you fart” said the pillow on a friends couch. Home is predictable. Vacation (not home) is exciting due to its mystery, change of landscape, different cuisine, funny accents, etc.

G.K. Chesterton said “As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity. – Orthodoxy

Apparently the loss of mystery, according to C.S. Lewis’ literary hero, was an orientation to an early tomb.

This found a chink in my spirits armour. A kind wave of awakening brushed me and answered my question with another question: “Have I mistaken what is mysterious and untried as “home”? Am I there (home) now, and is every other place I dream about only meant to supply my daydreaming more kindling? Is “home” just another frontier?

One thing’s certain that conquering all local discovery lets predictability settle in. Based on who you are that can either be a warm assurance or a death sentence. Before you move again, ask yourself why you’re moving.

Is it..

. family/friends,
. better amenities/salary,
. “I miss home” (wherever that is),
. winning football teams,

…or do you just need a vacation?

Where is your home? What makes your home “home”?

Jesus said in John 14 that there were many dwelling places in His Fathers house. Yes, Heaven is our final home but God is Spirit and His home (or dwelling) is made in the hearts of those who call on Him from a pure heart.

Jesus did not have to go “prepare” our residences in Heaven. That home is not in disrepair. The dwelling places (or “mansions” KJV only) He had to “prepare” was right relationship with the Father as adopted children through His death, burial, and resurrection.

Home is where your inner wanderer takes his shoes off and stays awhile past breakfast with no clear plan on departing. Home is not geographically based. Home can be anywhere really. Peace with God makes a heart Gods dwelling. No Cracker Barrel can compete with that.

Unused resources:

Vacation, frontier, and mystery can all be found in the library, discovering a new restaurant, and if you’re into God’s plan for the ages… evangelism.

Look no further adrenaline junkies. BASE jumping is for sissies. Ok I haven’t done that so the jury’s still out:)

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