Lost and Found

Missing_BibleMy brother gave me a Bible on my 18th birthday with a real nice leather cover. I took it to Bible College and used it exclusively.  It was my favorite for a couple reasons:

1. It was a New American Standard Bible and my Bible College required we use a King James. It was a silent rebellion.

2. I always looked up to my brother and he said all the cool guys were favoring that translation.

Over the years in school I had stored pictures, birthday cards, love notes from my wife (then girlfriend), etc. in it. It went with me to church and every class that I needed a Bible in. I even started to memorize most of my scripture memory verses in the NASB.

Then there was Harold.

He was doing a paper on different translations on the Bible and why the King James was superior (should’ve been my first clue:).

He swore up and down that he brought it back with him to choir one day where we sang bass together. Whether he did or not we will only find out at judgment. If there has been something that I’ve lost with more significance I don’t know what it is.

What is something that you’ve lost (materially) that you would run a milk carton campaign to reunite with?

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