Real Women of Genius

Harriet Quimby was the first woman to get a pilot’s license. This cheeky matriarch of feminine flight was so fearless she required no safety harness, even at 3000 feet! 

It was a grand ol’ day to be a woman on July 1st, 102 years ago today. Unfortunately she and her passenger, William Willard, were ejected from her brand new Monoplane after attempting a flip with a name so fancy, it shall not be named.

They fell 1,500 feet to their deaths. It didn’t help that Mr. Willard was the organizer of the event. 

So step aside you sissy harness wearing fly boys. And here’s to you O Lady of the landing.  If it weren’t for your complete disregard of of nature’s most basic law we would be a lot less manly.

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