Nanu Nanu Robin: No Doubt a Fire has been set Aflame in our Hearts.

The credits are rolling. The final score is playing. Most people leave at this point in the theatre.

But the list of credentials in the life of Robin Williams is so significant that we all owe it to him to stop and read them.

What a mind! We are in his debt to unleash a tidal wave of positive energy based upon the countless number of smiles he created. Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork, Aladdin’s Genie, Peter Pan (Hook), John Keating (Dead Poets Society), among many others roles he played.

“He now belongs to the ages.”

Those words were spoken over the head of Abe Lincoln upon the announcement of his death. Although Robin Williams never led the nation through a Civil War, his life will count as no less significant. His unique set of natural gifts were called upon in a time where humanity needed them most. We needed laughter, perspective, spontaneity, empathy, and help with abstract problems only solved by a comedian.

According to the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Robin was an ENFP. Some common ENFP characteristics include:

– Warm and enthusiastic
– Empathetic and caring
– Strong people skills; relates well to others
– Able to think abstractly and understand difficult, complex concepts
– Needs approval from others
– Disorganised
– Strong communication skills
– Fun and spontaneous
– Highly creative

ENFP’s have a wellspring of possible solutions to make our world more liveable, and good humour if all else fails. They are also akin to great doubts about themselves and their worth is based upon others perception of them. Mourning his loss is inevitable. His wife and children are experiencing unspeakable loss. The doomed negotiations being made for an alternate ending of his life are all a natural part of the grieving process yet futile.

He is gone physically but the investments he made will return a harvest of fruit in due time. I’m sure Robin doesn’t mind all the autopsies being offered based upon his enthusiastic willingness for others to see and understand the truth he tirelessly uncovered. There is no doubt a fire that will burn on in the minds of those of those he woke from slumber.

Take the MBTI here.

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