Sorrow and Glory: a poem

Sorrow and glory

a bride and groom

a bedtime story

of glee and of gloom

Sorrow and glory

a husband and wife

constant companions

in the seasons of life

Sorrow and glory

till death do us part

of hugs and of punches

the beat of my heart


Any growth as a follower of Jesus comes as a result of both sorrow and glory. A winning and a losing.  A filling up in that which is lacking in the afflictions of Christ (Col 1).  For every gain towards Christ there is an equal loss of something we possess.

C.S. Lewis believed that God has somehow booby trapped the process of enjoying this life too much.  This life is only meant to be enjoyed in pieces and not in the whole.  It fixes our gaze outward toward the heights instead of finding lasting peace here on earth.

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