6 People to Thank this Thanksgiving 

This Thanksgiving I’ve complied a list of 6 individuals that a generous word of thanks is appropriate. 

God – Above all He deserves it because of allowing us the space we inhabit, the breathable air, salvation through the shed blood of His son, and every other blessing we take for granted. 

Mom and Dad – If you have them, you’re in blessed company.  I don’t want to state the obvious, but there will be highly revered empty spots around the table today in some homes where parents used to sit. Go give mom or dad a hug and tell them you love them. 

Spouse – whether she made you dinner, carved the bird, or threw down the plastic to pay for Golden Corral (or the Golden Arches), thank them for the meal. And while you’re at it, toast them around the table with a short blessing you spent a few minutes working on before you eat. She’ll remember that. 

The Barista – Undoubtetly many of you are driving right now sipping down that caffeinated goodness made by the 24 year old single mom that can’t get out of working the early shift. Tip her generously. 

The Minions – They will trash your house today, eat ALL of the sweet potatoe casarole, and some how manage to suck up all the wifi, data, and hot water… but they’re all yours. Love them extra today and thank them for doing the dishes!

If you think of someone else I didn’t mention be sure to leave it on the comments. 

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading my blog!

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