The Longing

Although two weeks can seem as short as a sneeze, it really drags when being away from those you love.  I took a new job at a church called Abundant Life in Lee’s Summit Missouri two weeks ago as one of the pastor’s on staff.  I love what I’m doing, and I LOVE the people at the church and my coworkers.  I have to pinch myself when walking into the office every morning.

Being a bachelor these past two weeks had been doable until this past Saturday when ‘whomp!’ happened.  I finally felt the weight of missing my wife and kids.  I will gladly take the yelling, crazy, awesome, messy, blessed, noisy, farty family life I have grown accustomed to and take wildly for granted.  Although I hate not being with them, I feel somewhat that the longing has done me a favor or two.

I have a deeper appreciation for singles.

Some have indeed been given the gift of singleness.  Some singles have no fundamental need for constant companionship, and function well without a family.  This does not mean that they don’t need people, or want them in their life.  Some are happy living alone.  There are other singles that feel the pangs everyday wishing they had someone to go home to.  Whether you’re alone or not, loneliness stinks.

My Pastor at Abundant Life, Phil Hopper, is preaching a series called “Love’s Story.” I have a lot of single friends that need to hear this message.  It is entitled “Single, Satisfied and Ready.”  The struggle for purity is real.  It’s hard enough for married men to remain pure, but being without your sweetheart can prove foreign levels of difficulty.

I am so incredibly grateful for my family.

Props to Mrs. Holman for being a single parent of five children these last two weeks.  I don’t know how she does it.  I will never EVER complain about my family again.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in the habit of doing so, but God has sent me through the accelerated course of learning how not to take those closest to you for granted.  I believe this course is a prerequisite for Daddy Said Yes 101, DIY Earthen Oven Basics, and Men of Whom the World Aren’t Worthy 500.

Don’t take them for granted fellas.  They’re worth more than you’ll ever fully know.






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