A Sense of History

This is a repeat post from 9 years ago. Trolling through the old blog, I came across one with a stupid title, but a solid thought. Set the time machine to 2007.


I was reading in the book of Daniel about how his name was changed to Belteshazzar. The King Belshazzar gave Daniel his new name because of his ability to interpret the “writings on the wall.”

John MacArthur says that Daniel “…was the King’s favorite because of his leadership, his experience, wisdom, an excellent spirit, direct revelation from God Himself, and a sense of history.”  I love that!  Someone who has a sense of history offers their community a novel contribution.

My brother is our family’s resident historian. His photographic memory is scary good, and he has a knack for picking up on details that others easily pass over. Mike always offers up great conversation and is an engaging story teller.  People that take time to learn the history of a thing do the rest of us a favor.

Those who know intimate details of their city, organization, country, favorite sports teams, etc., do make interesting conversationalists, but they also offer insight to others simply based on their knowledge of the past.

From the drifter’s field notes: It’s also a good way to attach yourself to the place where you live when you’re not from there originally.

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