Repost: Jesus is Better

Jesus is better than your dream job, bigger than your budget, painfully aware of human limitation, and patient with sermon junky Christianity.

He leads by humble example, lets time do its thing, regards obedience better than sacrifice, and is mindful of our insecurities.

He fans a smoldering wick into a blazing inferno, stands under the crushing weight of flagrant sin, and closes doors that lead to underwhelming experiences.

He opens closets of hidden shame, hunkers down with the homeless, and stares into the abyss of ingratitude.

He didn’t flinch at Calvary, drank every last drop of God’s wrath, gives grace to repeat offenders, and responds to the agonizing sleepless prayers of parents with wayward children

He knows wrestling moves never dreamt up and can’t wait to roughhouse in heaven.

He rubs the temples and shoulders of late night research paper writers, reminds the forgetful that His grace is enough, was present at every birthday and even attends graduation parties.

He strokes the hair of widows with insomnia, and plans a surprise child in your 40’s.

Jesus. Is. Better.

p.s.  Jesus, I can’t wait to meet you in person.  There are days where Chris Rice’s “Missin’ You” and Rich’s “Hard to Get” plays on repeat in my mind, and this is one of them.  I’m warm by your presence and I can hear you in the crackle of my toddler’s laugh when I know I laid him down for a nap over 30 minutes ago.  Don’t wait too long Lord. Our fragile broken hearts are yearning.

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