Writing exercise #5 – Homerun Inn

Don’t get me wrong, Chicago is a great City but my unique experience there last summer left some of the windy city to be desired. A friend and I stayed in Air BNB which could not have been a better experience. All was exceptional including the Coldplay concert we caught with the other 68,998 screaming fans. 

On the way over to the concert we hailed an Uber to pick us up at are Airbnb flat. Neither of us had the experience previously with Uber so we eagerly hopped in with ignorant enthusiasm. Our driver was a young and kind African American man whom my kids say was yoked, or muscular for those old enough to shop exclusively at Kohl’s.

The conversation was good, moving from his experience as an Uber driver, to growing up in South Chicago, to the fact that the people of Chicago don’t have it out for ketchup on their hot dogs, to Wrigley vs. Komeski, to which pizza is really the better representation of the better Chicago culinary experience.  

“Don’t go to Giordano’s.”

“Why’s that?”  

“That’s white people pizza!” 

“Where do you recommend?”

“Home Run Inn. That pizza is so good it will molest your mouth.”
*”Roarious laughter**

“You’ll have to go to court and the Judge will have drawing of your mouth and will say to you, “Show me where the pizza touched you?”

Regretfully we didn’t have enough on our over voucher to take us all the way over to Home Run Inn so we ended up settling for the white-people- pizza.

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