Creative Writing Prompt #1 – Story opening where someone has died

When J. Wallace died, a hush went out around our city.  No one here has enough time in the day to finish most things but Monday was different.  Some one even said that the generators at the auto plant whirred to a halt for 90 seconds undisturbed.  The first sound Liam heard at the office after the news was a collective groan from the hall just outside his office.  There were no words to be said or offered that seemed appropriate at the time seeing that J’s death affected everyone in some way.

The wait staff at the residence received food, flower arrangements, cards, and news reporters.  Liam had known that J., or Joshua as he’d called him for years, only had days left after the diagnosis, and was thankful that he had the funeral and legal arrangements finalized before his passing but that didn’t stop every funeral home in Franklin and Wayne County from calling.

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