How I got 54 blog followers in 10 years

Bloggers that have a lot of traffic to their sites have a few practices in common… that I don’t do. put this helpful list of to do’s for a blog that is sure to get traffic. It’s not like I’m drawing back the curtain, revealing some hidden blogging secrets, or selling out since I haven’t made a habit of doing any of these.  You can call me out if I try any of this in the future which may or may not have any effect on whether I cease and desist.

  • Lists and Numbers

Actually this is true of my own blog.  Two years ago I was in between jobs working at Ashland University when I wrote The 4 People I met Over the Weekend.  It was my first weekend of that job and it has the most views of any of my posts.

  • Mentioning People that Readers Know

It may seem pretentious to some to name drop and more than likely is when the goal is just to get more clicks.  On the other hand how many times do we mention Trump, Beiber, or Kapernick in daily conversation without batting an eye?

  • Links to other Websites

I’ve already tagged three other websites if you hadn’t noticed.  Did you click any of them?  It’s common courtesy to give a shout out to sites we believe in, learn from, or ones that make us laugh or cry.  Share the love.

  • Exceptional Titles

One thing that I spend the most time on is giving each post a good title.  Some of my personal favorites are:

  1. Right and Righteous
  2. Delegating Basics for Ball Hogs
  3. “Puppy, Go Poop!”
  4. Man Caves
  • Motivate Readers

The post from did some studies on which of their blogs got the most traffic and found that motivation is better than inspiration.  I think the tag I used the most is inspiration which I what I identify with most.  Motivation involves movement.  Moving people is different that inspiring.  Bob Ross is my spirit animal so moving people for me is optional but not all the time helpful.  I sense a stirring in me…

  1. Motivational: 24
  2. Tutorials: 17
  3. Inspirational: 9
  4. Reviews: 0
  5. News: 0
  6. Interviews: 0
  • Keep to a Plan and Implement

Plan schplan. A coworker asked me if I wanted to get breakfast this week and asked me what day worked to which I replied, “Any of them”, to which he replied, “Do you have a calendar?!”

I do have a calendar actually.  I love it.  Paper and pen give me handles and I need all the handles I can get.  Whether you’re organizationaly challenged or not it’s a great planer.  It follows the GTD system.  If you don’t know what that is you owe it two yourself to check it out.


Be you.

I’ll try to be me as well… but if any of this helps you to become a better writer/blogger, we both win.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

9 thoughts on “How I got 54 blog followers in 10 years

  1. Your comment about using numbers in titles reminds me that people click through to the strangest damn things on the internet. I titled one post “How to act like a British aristocrat” (if I remember right, it was about one who’d behaved particularly badly), and at the time I thought, I’ll bet someone clicks through to this. Sure enough, it turns up regularly in SEO searches that lead people to my blog. It was more of an experiment than an effort to boost my stats–they don’t matter that much–and it’s been interesting in a cynical kind of way. Maybe it should’ve read, “How to behave like 4 British aristocrats.” Or “like a British aristocrat 4 times.”

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