3 Ways to help the child that isn’t good at anything… yet.

Do you remember the story of the pokey little puppy?  He was slower and smaller than the others but the story has a happy puppy ending.  It’s the same with The White Swan, and Charlotte’s web (although I never liked Wilber in the cartoon I grew up watching because a grown man did the voice which is kind of creepy now).  Adam Sandler has made a decent living making movies about underdogs but the issue in the real world outside of books and movies is much different.

Do you have a child that hasn’t developed any special skill or hobby yet?  What can you do to help them uncover their hidden potential?  I’m offering 3 tips on unlocking their potential.

  1. Ditch the screens.

    Thanksgiving this week is a great opportunity to lessen time on cell phones, tablets, and movies in order to access the creative side of the brain that normally shuts down during screen time.  Card games, storytelling, board games  and creative exercises are great.  My kids and I use a book called “Would You Rather” after dinner to initiate fun conversation, as well as discovering a little more about our individual personalities. I’d love to hear some of your ideas for games on the way to grandma’s house in the comment section below!
  2. Get them outside.

    Playing inside usually means having a controller or an Apple device in the hand.  **Wait, didn’t he just say something about screens?**  Yes, indeed, I did!  When kids spend an average of 9 hours a day on a device, that means they’re only accessing one sense out of 7.  Get them outside.  Better yet, go out with them!  Walk the dog together, rake leaves, burn them without a permit (okay, that one is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it without a permit), play with the neighbors at the park, etc. Buy a cheap soccer net and kick a ball around with the kids.  This is also a great time to go look at Christmas lights together!
  3.  Pick up an instrument.

    Beka and I had a kid in our youth department back in Ohio a long time ago.  He was a really sweet and quiet kid.  He had two older brothers both about a foot taller than him.  He was a sophomore with no interests outside of video games.  We needed a bass player in our youth band and we asked him to try it out.  Not only did he excel, he was a music major in college, has played in multiple bands, and now leads worship now at a church in Springfield Missouri!  Music is an excellent way to bring out creativity in a child.

You’re not out of options even though it may seem like it.  Family counseling is also a great option and you don’t have to have problems to see a counselor.  If you need someone to bounce some ideas off of, or you just need to talk to someone about this I’m here.  I’d be more than glad to help out if I can.  Leave a comment or friend me on facebook.com/timholman.

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