Killing the Prophets

I was a musician in another season of life and had aspirations to write for CCM (Christian Contemporary) and country. While at a songwriters convention in Nashville one of the speakers said…

“If you want to write for CCM you have to listen to CCM.”

There was one problem: I didn’t like most of what I heard coming out of that genre. Not only that, I was arrogant enough, and eager, to criticize what I’d heard.

I’d thought that God had taken away that aspect of my life, because one day the music just stopped, that is, until I read the book of Acts with new eyes.

God had sent me some musical Prophets to learn from but I killed them with my criticism. Maybe I would have been allowed to continue writing music if I’d been willing to listen, and learn from, the voices God was already using.

Q. Are there voices in your life that God has sent to you, for your good and His glory, that pride has caused you to turn a deaf ear to?


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