Hugs Please

I wish I had a photo of what I’m going to tell you about. My family and I were back home in Indiana this past week and I got to see my grandparents.

My grandad was a pastor, and he and my grandmother still live in the old parsonage on church property. Coming down their street I noticed a used car lot had changed names. It wasn’t a big deal but it had been called the old name since I was born which is why I noticed it. When I came in the back door of their house I gave my grandmother, Maime, a big hug. After that, I asked her about the car dealership changing names.

She looked at me and didn’t say anything and then just lifted up her arms for another hug. She’s always been short (about 4’10) so this was a hug that didn’t get refused. I don’t know if she forgot about the fact that she’d just given me a hug, or if she was thinking…

“I don’t care about the car lot. I care about you, and I’d like another hug, please.”

I’m fortunate to still have both of my grandmothers, and my grandfather, still living. Pictured below is my dad’s mother, Amie Holman, and my mom’s mother, Ruth Holland. I’ve never had a photo of them together like this, but I love it. This is my Grandad, Frank Holman. A man of God and the best grandfather one could ever have. If you’re fortunate to still have your grandparents, call them right now and tell them you love them.


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