The Soul’s Highest Honor

To say that I’m a big fan of C.H. Spurgeon is an understatement. Every once in a while I like to modernize one of his devotional thoughts for my friends. My version is always a half version of the original. Today’s excerpt is from The Treasury of David — Psalm 146.


It is a poor business if we only exhort others, while neglecting the stirring up our own souls. It is unfortunate to tell others, “Praise Him!”, and never preach ourselves to, “Praise the Lord, O my soul!” When we praise God let us shake our sleeping selves to attention! We have one soul each, and if it is indeed saved from imminent wrath, it is duty-bound to glad and free praise.

“Listen up heart, mind, and thoughts! Wake up soul and wipe your eyes! Flame on with glad tidings of great joy and adoration!”

How can I call on others to worship while neglecting to call myself? If ever there was a time we were under the weight of rich blessings to the Lord, it is now. Let us put our poor souls into the rich business of high praise.

Oh that a well tuned heart would play in tandem with the strings of the glorified! Oh that our hearts could see old Wesley’s thousand tongues to sing through lips set ablaze with Isaiah’s coal!

Then if my voice should be of the poor sort, and somewhat melodically-challenged, let the better angels of my nature excite my whole being to the utmost height of loving praise.

“Praise ye the Lord, O my soul!”

Read the original here (only the exposition on verse 1).

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