Safety Not Guaranteed


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  1. Excellent. You make points I had not thought about, and some that I have. Evangelism changing you is something that I have experienced. From my old Lay-Witness Mission days, telling your unique story is firmly engrained.

    Thanks for the reminders and the new thoughts, the reality that Simon Peter and Ananias were reluctant at first, yet they went where the Spirit led them.

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      1. I am Presbyterian, but I was invited by a Southern Baptist friend to join a Methodist Lay-Witness Team. In the early 70s, we went once or twice each month to a Methodist church in northern MS to, as my Baptist friend would say, “Turn the church upside down and shake real hard.” We gave testimonies and had prayer meetings, vigils, from Friday evening through the worship service on Sunday at 11:00. Don’t know if they still do it today. We once went to a Presbyterian church. After we had been to the Methodist church next door the year before, the Presbyterians were wanting the same treatment, because the Methodists were encroaching on their side of the parking lot.

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