The Psalms: Our Guide for Prayer

The Psalms have been the prayers of the Saints for generations. Many of us have not discovered this wealth of material for prayer. When you don’t know what to pray for as you should, or what kind of prayer to offer, the Holy Spirit is praying for you in groans too deep for words (Romans 8:26), and has also provided the groans of the Psalmists for our aid in prayer.

Use them as a guide to help you express the inexpressible.

Read through this chapter posted below. Psalm 20 is just one of 150 other masterpieces of prayer, praise, lament, song, meditation, and so forth. Pray through it slowly and write it out word for word if it helps.


6 thoughts on “The Psalms: Our Guide for Prayer

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  1. I was just meditating on this exact thing last night during a sunset. Keep listening Tim, because God is definitely speaking in you.


  2. Thanks. My wife goes into open heart surgery tomorrow. I like the Psalm you picked out. She admitted that her Psalm 23 is a little rusty, so she has been reading also. You never know how good, or bad, your Bible memorization is until you have an MRI and you start to have an anxiety attack. Glad to see you back on the WWW.


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