One of a Kind

Many of my younger years were spent on a skateboard when Rodney Mullins was synonymous with unicorns and the holy Grail.

It’s like you know how good someone is, but you really never know how good until 30 years later when skaters are still trying to exegete tape and replicate it.

He truly is one of a kind. There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing as watching a piece of wood flip under his shoes and land and rollaway. It’s like he’s communicating with his skateboard. It’s like, “Okay Rodney… you outstanding human. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

One thing I’ve always valued in Rodney Mullins is his kind unassuming demeanor. He’s just a gentle dude happy to skate by himself, but likes to stoop down from skate heaven to show mortals a good time now and again.


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