12 thoughts on “The Pen Dried Up

  1. I know the feeling. For my inspiration I need to leave the house. I find inspiration and ideas much easier if I am walking alone and just thinking. Sometimes not even thinking, simply letting ideas come to me from the environment.

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      1. That could be the case. Admittedly I have rushed posts just to get them out there on time, and I haven’t been as satisfied with them.

        Also what I do is whenever I have an idea I add them too my drafts on my phone, whether I am about to go to sleep or whilst I am working. Sometimes the ideas hit you when you cannot blog and the idea fades away. I like to spend a few seconds typing the idea and going back to it later!


      1. The thing for me was stepping away from the church I planted. I lacked some of the components necessary to drive the ministry and people who thought they could do it better, so it handed it over. I find out today that there was a private meeting as to how to remedy me. The remedy is fixed, and I will find a new place in the Lord’s work.

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      2. Same thing happened to me three years ago. The guy I trained for three years ended up having one of those meetings and took the church I started from me. It was all in God‘s plan and we have fully reconciled but every person he got with him against me has left him. I’m not rejoicing in this but that’s what happens when someone takes over in a rebellion. God allows certain things to take place to teach them as well.

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  2. I often have dry spells. I can write three or four in a day, then go several days. I have noticed that God is a JIT (Just In Time) God. He has always provided for me just in time. That may be because of my horrific lack of patience, but that seems to be His way with me. It is important to let others know your heart is still pumping. Some readers get fickle and drift away if you don’t publish a post ‘on schedule’, but God takes care of that too. Maybe if one of your drafts isn’t yelling, “Pick me!” it might be that it is not God’s time yet. You had a great experience in South America. Maybe you need to hit the rest button or the reset button. You’ve got our prayers.

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  3. Tim, I find amazing inspiration when I am blessed with quality time with other believers who are strong in faith. I feel charged, inspired and fed with conversation about the truth, the Word, hope, and love. You give so much of yourself to others, are you due for a refuel?

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  4. A lil late, but when I’m in the dry place I just relax. I don’t fuss. I ask for the Holy Spirit to help me write what is right and to flow through what I’m going to write next for I want it to reflect godliness and be pleasing to God. Sometimes it takes months for me to write up a storm again. Yeah its that bad when the desert decides to show up on my side :/ lol but yeah I pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and He shows up and has His way 🙂

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