The Dude Abides: Ambition

I’m reading a book right now by Dave Harvey called Rescuing Ambition. The main point of the book is that ambition by itself is not sinful but ambition that leads to idolatry is. The difference between selfish ambition and selfless ambition is whether the Goal is behind God, or if God is behind the goal. What is the means, and what is the end.

Something clicked in my understanding of my own ambition last night. Trying to achieve goals by pursuing God is backwards. It seems like a small shift but I now realize that God must be THE goal and my ambitions must serve that end. It’s really a matter of where you put the apostrophe: Tim’s God vs. God’s Tim.

Phil 3_10.png

It’s a simple shift but simple doesn’t equal easy. For example, don’t pursue God to become a better parent. Make Godly parenting a means of pursuing Christ. Don’t pursue Jesus to make you more financially secure. Make budgeting a means of pursuing Christ.


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  1. Simple shift? Disagree. Profound shift of which we probably have no way of understanding just how complex that shift is and what unraveling of knots had to take place for the straight rope to carry us across that shift.

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