6 Words That Can Change Everything

I got this message today from a friend of my sons. He’s 14 and his life was changed by Jesus this summer at church camp.

What 14 year old does that?!

I’m at the gym fighting back tears writing this post. This is a natural outcome when someone really meets Jesus.

I met Jesus at 14 as well and I can’t help but feel the gentle arms of God around me thinking of it. Never lose the wonder that God is still moving in the hearts of the young.

These 6 words “How can I pray for you”, can seem like just another thing Christians say to one another out of genuine concern BUT they take on a whole new meaning when coming from a young heart who has become wise unto salvation.

God bless you Alex. You made my heart grow by a size today.

11 thoughts on “6 Words That Can Change Everything

      1. How am I? Spiritually in a great place. Physically tired, after co-hosting the fellowship of prayer at our church with my bride – both now exhausted. Mentally – as off-beat as ever. Thanks for asking.

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      2. I will not refuse any prayers. By the way, I read and loved that post. Kitty and I both need healing, but time might help with that. We have loved ones who don’t know Jesus. Thinking of them coming to salvation would be the ultimate.

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