I didn’t feel like typing today

I’m reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron lately and have agreed to write what she calls the “Morning Pages”. She says that three pages are the minimum but I don’t feel like doing that much. The goal is to turn the fawcett of creativity early on in the day in the hopes of it staying on throughout the day.

I’ve only been doing a page, or a page and a half, so far. The goal is is commit to doing it for 12 straight days. Well, that didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll finish my commitment with the turn of the new year.

I’m also breaking a cardinal rule of allowing anyone to read my pages. I don’t have anything in the least bit compromising so have at it. I’ve been stuck creatively as of late and I hope this is the 4 wheel drive I need to get out of the mental mud.

My penmanship and grammar may be a little hard to wrestle with but you’re not supposed to be reading my pages anyway😜

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