Table Scraps – Mark‬ ‭7:24-30‬, Holman Slang

“When Jesus left for Tyre he tried to go into a house unnoticed but his popularity made it impossible to go anywhere without pomp. In fact, one of the locals who had a little ninò overcome by a demon collapsed at his feet in desperation. She was of the Syrian Greek folk and begged Jesus to exorcise the demon from her baby girl.

Jesus tested her saying “Let the pure breds eat first. It ain’t right to feed table food to the dogs.”

She replied, “Lord, then have mercy on my mixed breed pup under the table.”

Jesus showed his mercy and said, “Get home because the demon no longer terrifies your daughter.”

Back home she found her snug as a bug and happy as a lamb.”

2 thoughts on “Table Scraps – Mark‬ ‭7:24-30‬, Holman Slang

  1. This being in Holman Slang, I am not sure if you meant to say “pure bread” or “pure bred”?

    Lol. I like your HSV!


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