Generational Greatness and Weaknesses – Thoughts on Genesis 26, Abraham and Isaac pt. 2

Isaac’s character is dwarfed by the greatness of Abraham, his “heel-grabbing” son Jacob, and his clever wife Rebekah. No matter how exciting the scene appears, he is a supporting role. By contrast to others, his role in life was uneventful and obscure but nonetheless important.

Our faith, whether marked by either the underwhelming or extraordinary, must only ever and always shine the light on Jesus. He is our greatness and our righteousness and none come by faith in the first place without Him.

p.s. It’s interesting to see a son committing the same weak errors of his father. God save us from the repetitive sins that have plagued previous generations. We are no better than our fathers, but give our children a fighting chance against the haunt of generational iniquity.

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