The Other Cross

There is a difference in claiming belief in the cross of Jesus and actually following Jesus. If you follow Him, he will bring you back to another cross somewhere down the road. It is not the cross but it is a cross. This cross is a rite of passage for the Christian and also a marking on the life of that disciple.

It is where, as followers of Christ, we must die. We die to the life that once was ours but now belongs to Him. It is the narrow passage leading to life as opposed to the wide way leading to death.

A friend of mine said Jesus asks the student of the Bible, “Will you carry the cross as fervently as you study it?” Jesus asks the politician “Will you choose the cross over the bribes in the lobby?”

It is the easy yoke and the lighter burden. Jesus will walk with you to this other Galgotha and even share the load for it has a light and heavy end. But the death He died, He dies no more. This cross is yours, my friend.

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