I have a feeling…

… this DOWNtime came at the RIGHT time, at least for people in my neck of the woods, that is, if it goes away just in time for spring.

… the day when finally being myself will actually feel better than what I’ve imagined.

… something I lost long ago will return on it’s wings.

One thought on “I have a feeling…

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  1. For a half second, I thought you were going to steal the Steelers “song”, since a local team won the Super Bowl. Anytime in the Pittsburgh area any one says or sings, “I have a feeling” and then stops. Someone else will finish it with “Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl.” All kidding aside, this isolation, or at least social distancing, can provide many things, if we let it. It’s an opportunity to hone attention spans and learn new skills, or even read more Scripture each day.

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