All the Cars I’ve Owned

There’s a trending post people are doing on Facebook I thought I’d do here. These are all the cars I’ve had (or remember having) from first to the present, excluding family vehicles. The last one is one I’d like to have someday.

Here’s my lineup.

87 Toyota Celica – LOVED this car!
85 Chevy Celebrity – Gift from in laws when the Celica broke.
93 Toyota Camry – First car I made payments on. I still see these in the road.
89 Nissan Maxima – Fun car. I bought it after I thought my $160 payment on the Camry was too high. I would have kept this one longer but it had engine issues. I love Maxima’s but they just rust too fast.
89 Ford Probe – The guy I bought it from smoked heavily and I couldn’t get the smell out.
82 Toyota Cressida – Bought it for $200 from a neighbor. It had a really bad oil leak so get rid of it fairly quickly.
91 Nissan Maxima – I still don’t know why I got rid of this one. It was a great car but I probably just got bored.
98 VW Golf – I loved this car but there was a flood at our church and my car was parked in the parking lot while we were gone at camp one week. It had electric issues after that I never was the same. I just might own another one someday.
96 Honda Civic – These are the jellyfish of the automobile world. They just don’t die. That didn’t stop me from getting bored and selling it though.
93 Honda Accord – I bought this car because it was in the flawless cosmetic condition. Nothing wrong with it. We just broke up (Me and the car. Not me and my wife;).
98 Nissan Maxima – Solid car but it seemed to rust overnight. Rust is a bust!
02 Volvo V70 – Best and favorite car so far. Tank, wicked fast, decent fuel econ., unique. This was my introduction into the Volvo world and I will likely have a Volvo in the garage for the rest of my life.
04 Volvo XC70 – Present. Good car just like the V70. I would rather have the V70 but the XC is more rugged and has all wheel drive.
My Next Car: 98 Volvo 850 GLT

8 thoughts on “All the Cars I’ve Owned

  1. We bought a Swedish tank (Volvo) station wagon when I was in the Army in Germany. It developed electrical problems and no one seemed to know how to fix it. But until that point, it was a great car.


    1. Every Volvo I’ve owned has had some Swedish ghosts that have an encryption no one seems to understand. It’s the only thing about Volvos that is upsetting, aside from the 01-09 Asian transmissions that seem to go out like clockwork.

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      1. The ’67 Fast back Impala. I loved that car, but discovered trying to restore it (it had some really wicked body rust and the springs and shocks were shot..neither really difficult to fix, but finding parts got really expensive, and the interior needed doing too. I did love her though.


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