Gone Fishin’

“I’m going fishing,” Simon Peter said.

John 21:3

The disciples had been through a whirlwind in the previous days living through their leader being arrested, beaten, crucified, buried, only to be resurrected and crash their “What just happened…” party.

Everything had become abnormal and fishing sounded like a good “normal” idea.

I read this passage differently the last time according to my notes. I thought this little exercise in getting back to normal was somehow sinful on behalf of the disciples.

All of the change these past few weeks has given me time to do things I used to do that brought me much joy: singing, playing guitar, watching movies with my family, reading, etc. I just hope I never forget to go fishing in the future when things finally get “back to normal.”

My SOAP from today’s reading of John 21

3 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I wrote about the same story on Monday from a different angle in An Easter Moment of Worship. Jesus went to Galilee ahead of them, and since there was already fish on the fire, He’d been fishing too, all of them doing a ‘guy thing.’ But your key as getting back to ‘normal’ is the focus here. And your point that we need to go ‘fishing’ once this is over is spot on. Thanks.

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