My Most Memorable Year Per Decade, Part 1

For most, there is a most memorable year that sticks out to us in each decade. I’ve compiled either my personal favorite or most memorable below aside from the 70’s which I don’t remember being born late in the decade (7/15/77). I wish I’d been born on the 7th, though (7/7/77).

1988 — 5th and 6th grade were good. I had great friends at church and school, the Bengals went to the Super Bowl and the Reds were awesome, rode my bike each and every day of the summer to the Springdale Rec Center Pool, was introduced to Hair Metal, and sat next to Mrs. House’s desk in 6th grade, who was my favorite teacher growing up. Jimbo (pictured below) was a big part of all of this as we did most things together.

This is my best bud from school Jim Thompson. I’m thankful to still be in touch with him after all these years.

ENTER THE NINETIES  — The whole decade was amazing because I turned 13 in 1990 and 22 in 1999. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite and most memorable, so I’ll list highlights from each year and bold a favorite and bold italicize the most memorable.

1990 — Even though it was rough when we moved from Florida back to Ohio, I’m glad we did because my extended family and best buddies were there or in a conjoining state. My youth group at church was pretty rad as well. I was a pretty bad kid at the time. We had moved around so much and I was mad at everybody… also, I’m a natural born sinner. God used the sweet people of West Chester Baptist Church to bring me close to Him. When I born again, about a year after this photo was taken, my life radically turned around and I got “on fire” for God. I know this now to have been the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

My fam November 1990. Mikey, me, Daddeo, Keri-berry, and Momma. This was our first Sunday at West Chester Baptist Church November 1990 where Dad was an Associate Pastor and Minister of Music.

1991 — My friends at church were awesome. I also really started to take guitar seriously and learned to play the song that gave me a strong foothold on finger style, When the Children Cry by White Lion. The coolest part about both of those things were my brother who led me to Christ and taught me how to play guitar – thanks Mikey!

Amy, Cassie, me, and Kendall on the West Chester Baptist Church front steps, Summer 1991.
Camp Chatauqua 1991. I’m second to the far right in the Michael Jordan t-shirt.
Kings Island, 1991, (top level, left to right) Laura Beth, Krista, Josh, me, (lower) Troy, Kendall

1992 — Hurt my back in a major sledding accident at my youth pastor’s house and had issues for 17 years until I was miraculously healed.. no joke.

I had been skateboarding for a few years at this point and had gotten pretty good. The bad part was not being close to any of my skater friends so it was pretty much a solo deal. I still remember breaking my ankle at the Springdale Church of the Naz parking lot. It hurt so bad I screamed like a little girl and almost passed out from it. I can still feel it… shivers.

Church friends and I would usually hang out after Sunday evening service at the Golden Tee in Sharonville playing pool. One night, Jason let me drive his Oldsmobile and I left a huge dent in his front fender after backing out next to a conversion van. I was 15 without a license. Sorry Jason… and mom.

Lastly, my Uncle Gary came to our house for Thanksgiving that November and introduced me to country music. I was never the same.

1993 — I was fortunate to have had a solid youth group. They make up what I would call my “glory days”.

Camp Chatauqua 1993, in between my sophomore and junior year of high school. This week of camp was where I felt God’s call to full time ministry.
My last activity with the West Chester Baptist Youth Group, February 1994, before we moved to Ocala Florida. They gave me a shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch (I still have it… sentimental reasons), and made my sister Keri and I a photo book, which is where I got these photos. This is my youth pastor Mickey Trammel and I. Words cannot express my love for he and Susan, lucky to still have them in my life although we don’t see each other as much as we’d like living three states apart.
My last Sunday at West Chester Baptist Church. Man, I cried my eyes out when we left. I loved these people so much!

God brings us through different seasons along with different people for different reasons. Although I was sad to see this particular season come to a close, there were two I got to take with me. I’m fortunate to have two of my best friends I will ever have… my brother and sister.

Mike and I on my wedding day July 4, 1998. He was my best man… still is.
Keri and I at Grace Baptist Church, Belleview Florida, Spring 1995.

There are many more memories after this but I’ll save it for a part 2 in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “My Most Memorable Year Per Decade, Part 1

  1. This is the coolest blog I’ve seen in a long time…I love it! Thanks for sharing, Tim.

    By the way, I prayed for your friend Jim the other day. You mentioned you had been having spiritual conversations with him every day. I hope that is going well!

    *Lisa Deacy* *Executive Assistant*

    414 SW Persels Rd • Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 816.607.5835 •

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