Search the Scriptures, Discover Jesus

This is an adaptation of Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, Evening Excerpt June 9

“Search the Scriptures.”
—John 5:39

The Greek word “search” means a strict, close, diligent and curious search. The kind of search for those who mine for precious metals, or hunters with “buck fever”.

Superficial reading of a chapter or two, or scrolling past the verse of the day on the Bible app won’t suffice. One must deliberately seek with the candle of the Spirit the hidden treasures of the word.

This kind of searching can only be learned by careful study; milk for babes, meat for men.

Says a wise old rabbi, “A mountain of matter hangs on every t’s cross and i’s dot.”

The door of the word opens exclusively to the key of diligence. Search the Scriptures! They are the writings of God, bearing the divine stamp and imprint. The one who despises the words of God despises God.

The word of God will repay the humble diligent searcher with wisdom. Blessed are those who hunger after righteousness. They will be filled.

God didn’t expect us to sift a mountain of chaff with here and there a grain of wheat. Let the searcher bring a winnowing fork to gather enough to break the axels on the ox cart.

Scripture grows upon the student and is full of surprises. Under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, the searching eye glows with splendour of peculiar findings. There’s no merchandise like that of Scripture’s silver lode.

Most importantly, the Scriptures reveal the diamond mines of Jesus: “They (the Scriptures) testify of me.” No more powerful motive can be urged upon the searcher than this: he who finds Jesus finds life, heaven, all things.

Happy is the one who, searching the Bible, discovers Jesus.

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