Writing Exercise: “Selling” a Very Used Grill on Marketplace

I’m actually going to give it away because it was a gift in the first place. Buyer will be pleasantly surprised.

Want steak? Got it! Chicken? Done! Veggies? Boom! Burgers and Dogs? Forget about it!!

This grill will give you the summer experience you deserve and then some! Does she have a few obvious signs of heavy usage? Sure. Will she still rock and roll on your back porch for a few more summers? You betcha!!

Burners will need to be replaced, she likes a bedtime story every now and then, and a few reminders she’s still beautiful and has worth and meaning in this messed up world. Am I right people?!

Our loss is your gain. I can even deliver if you like. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to have the best bacon wrapped filet you can imagine.

No eye has seen, nor ear heard, or heart has conceived what is prepared for the one who buys this grill.

Mouth watering yet?! Message me and let’s do this!

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