22 of my favorite memories I love about 22 years of being married to Beka.

1. Seeing you in the yellow sweater a few rows in front of me in choir.

2. Falling in love again after a breakup in the spring of 97.

3. Riding back and forth from Springfield to either of our parents houses in the Celica. You let me play my Petra tapes even though I know you would have rather been listening to Hootie.

4. Your hard work and dedication to the most beautiful music I’d ever heard at your recitals.

5. Hanging the lattice outside of our apartment at college that still hangs to this day.

6. Meeting the kind old guy on the L train in Chicago on our honeymoon who gave us directions when were lost.

7. Camp Texoma when we went out for a date the first summer we were married.

8. The cheetah bedsheet we used for a curtain in our first apartment.

9. Having orange rolls with Jon and Christine on Sunday morning before church.

10. Bringing Cam home as a newborn watching you rock him to sleep. Our neighbors Jason and Angie probably never slept a wink after bringing him home.

11. Packing up the truck and moving to Mishawaka to serve at Twin City Baptist Church. We were SO excited! I remember jamming out FFH and Sonicflood in the moving truck on the way out.

12. Buying our first home in Mishawaka.

13. Doing laundry and eating Tacorita’s at Doug and Cindy’s house. What a Godsend they were to us.

14. Bringing baby Claire home from the hospital. I can’t believe I almost missed her birth from going to get some Burger King. You were so mad!

15. Moving to Galion. Remember how excited we were? Our little house with the perfect green grass. Man, I loved it. I still have the image of rolling the yard with Claire who could barely reach the handle.

16. Carving pumpkins with Cameron.

17. Bringing Cal home. He was so small and fragile.

18. Moving to Pittsburgh. Everything came together perfectly for us to go even though it was sad to leave. I’m so sorry for not having stayed there longer.

19. Baby Macky. “Eggs!” “I wash it tonight.”

20. Baby Reebs. “Mix!” “You gotta see this!”

21. Watching you play piano on Sundays brings me so much joy.

22. Your love for us, our kids, and most of all Jesus, is so amazing.

There are so many other things I could list but that will have to be in another post. I love you. Happy 22!

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