10 Things I wish I’d known before 20 Years of Age

I did this talk for parents of students I pastor. There are many things I wished I known before I was twenty and here are the top ten.

6 thoughts on “10 Things I wish I’d known before 20 Years of Age

  1. This was AMAZING!! I never had children, and my parents and grandparents are deceased (heck, I’m getting OLD myself now), but those points so resonated with me even though I have no children or grandchildren to pass the thoughts along to. I’d like, with your permission of course, to re-blog this (I’ve written out the points ‘long hand’ (I typed it) and although I respect greatly your spirituality shared in the video; I’ve left most of that out because the people I wish to reach will either ‘hear’ your messages about God or they won’t. I’d rather they read the content than never hear it. I’ll check back time to time to see if you’d allow this to happen. Your advice is so excellent the whole world needs to hear it in my opinion, and just so you know, God did speak to me through you in some of the points, although I’m 60 now and have missed many of the opportunities you speak of. He has sent me some personal messages through your words about things I’ve been struggling with too. Bless you. I’m glad you blog here. You reach a lot more people than you might think.

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      1. Great! And I’ll snag that link so I have your actual words right there! Thank you! This message can do a LOT of good in my opinion and I have a fair amount of parents and grandparents in my follower pool.

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