Be A Daniel

“At the beginning of your petitions an answer went out, and I have come to give it, for you are treasured by God. So consider the message and understand the vision:” Daniel‬ ‭9:23‬‬‬

Daniel prayed constantly.

God had given him great faith and sometimes would delay His answers to test it. Our God has not changed and speaks to us in a similar way.

If you are praying for something and waiting at the gate of answered prayers with rusty hinges, giving off the appearance they haven’t been opened for quite some time, keep waiting.

The King of glory will come and give you an answer as He did for Daniel. Don’t think he won’t test the strength of the faith He’s given you by having you wait for the answer.

While you’re waiting, don’t get preoccupied with the cares of the world or caught up in sin which only delays the answer.

In an impatient world that refreshes 90 times a second, be a Daniel.

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