Do you know that I love you?

One of my sons crawled in my bed tonight after being told multiple times to get in his own bed.

I normally have to be firm on this because he does it a lot. It doesn’t upset me, really. I love that he likes to be close to his mom and dad.

He’s still at the age where I can tell him I love him without him getting embarrassed or weird.

I asked him if he knew how much I love him and he said he did but his mom and I both said almost in unison that he would never know at least until he has kids or grandkids.

I was reminded tonight of God’s love for us as His children watching an interesting video on YouTube titled 5 Things You Will See in Heaven.

Click the image to watch the video.

A got a lovely yet limited reminder of the grave sincerity of God’s love for me by watching the video mentioned above.

I love my kids so much it makes my heart sick and I have not yet scratched the surface of what it means to be loved by God in Christ.

He asking you right now if you know that he loves you. I invite you not to try and understand it but simply receive it by faith.

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