Every Word Costs

My wife and I started dating in April 1996 and were married two Independence Days later. As a young man, I was plagued by passivity which led to a couple of breakups while dating.

I remember the two of us sitting in a Village Inn restaurant one night with a couple of friends and we were talking about something mildly controversial when I pulled my trademark move of not picking a side of the argument.

It was probably our first fight on the way home and she was upset I hadn’t offered anything other than neutrality.



Nice guy?



You bet!

Maybe you care too much what people think, like me.

Maybe you are bothered by the fact you don’t have an opinion to offer the ones who are listening to you in your circle of influence during this time of global uncertainty.

Fear not! I bring you great joy which is for all people!

You don’t have to say anything original to speak up but speak up we must! Offer God’s promises as a reminder of His unfailing love (Romans 8:26-28).

And know that anything said right now on virtually every platform will be tried by fire in the courtroom of public opinion.

In the end…

DO speak up for people who have no voice and also know that silence isn’t always wicked self-preserving passivity.

While you’re finding your voice, be advised that every word costs somebody something… so spend them wisely.

Alright! Good talk!

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