Faith vs. a Desire for Power

‘For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity.”’ Acts 8:23

Simon the sorcerer, who was well known for his magic, had come to faith in Christ and wanted the same miraculous powers the apostles displayed. Peter called him out for his hidden agenda.

Some things can’t be seen just by reading a passage, namely the ability of the Apostles to see the bitterness and iniquity bound up in Simon the sorcerer’s heart.

I found myself cheering on Simon in his newly found faith and also his desire to help others receive the Holy Spirit but God had given the apostles wisdom to sense his true heart.

This passage reminds me of the dark matter which still exists in my own heart. Why have I wanted to experience God’s power? Have my intentions been similar to Simon the sorcerer?

Lord God, cleanse me from within so I may serve you with or without power from on high.

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