This Old and Wonderful Couch

This couch… **dramatic pause**

This vintage couch.

Could’ve been THE family couch any of us had that disappeared when you went to college, that is, if you grew up in the 80’s, like myself.

All those TGIF and Little Caesar’s pizza Friday nights, the Sunday afternoon naps during a boring golf match your dad and uncles were watching, falling dead asleep on it and never going to bed after a long hot day at the amusement park, crying yourself to sleep on your mom’s lap on it after hearing about how grandma died but then waking up to a sunset so beautiful–it was sad and happy all at once, kneeling in prayer asking God to help you pass a test so you don’t get cut from the team, etc (insert your most memorable couch moments in the comments, please).

If you buy it, you’ll probably find a few things under the cushions… like, the shirt part from the Captain America underoos set, the saxophone playing California Raisin from the Hardee’s kids meal you lost in 5th grade, a Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do” cassette single, a friendship bracelet, 4 Garfield books you never returned to the school library, a letter folded up into a football from someone of interest try to describe the “I just want to focus on my relationship with God” fib, a Christmas ornament you made and then hid from your mom because you hated it, but never had the heart to throw it out, and lastly… our hearts.


A child of the 80’s

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