About Tim

Tim Holman

Unofficial Cracker Barrel Brand Ambassador

I have a few nicknames (“Daddy”, “Timbo”, “Wormy”, “Babe”) and hats (pastor, teacher, writer, armchair musician). I hope somehow my experience, errors in judgement, findings and failures give you a bit of hope.

I pay taxes and fold laundry in Kansas City where my wife and I are raising 1 wedding and 4 rehearsal dinners. We love Jesus and hope to show you how He’s changed us by His grace.

On a practical note, I hope someday to make some money off of my scribble so I can pay back the State of Missouri what I owe them for Grad School. After that, I want to restore my old ’87 Celica and ride back and forth to my folks house in Cincinnati with my wife listening to the mixtapes she made me in college.

Posting Schedule (in theory)

  • Mondays Memories – Stuff I can remember… for now.
  • Tuesday Talks – Having five kids and also being a student pastor has given me many experiences to share with others raising a family. Tuesdays are for me to share with parents what I’ve observed, done well, and how I’ve blown it.
  • Witty Wednesdays – Featured bloggers I think are pretty smart.
  • Theology Thursdays – An attribute of God or doctrine I’m enjoying or grappling with.
  • Friday Photo – An image or photo with a story.
  • Weekend One-Time Something new I’m trying and sharing the experience.
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