Medication vs. Ambition

I may have lightened up too much... This time in 2008, I was headlong in planting a church in central Ohio. It was a season of life where everything mattered and there was little wisdom on choosing the right battles to fight. A few costly mistakes were made and I started to wager whether or … Continue reading Medication vs. Ambition

Be A Daniel

“At the beginning of your petitions an answer went out, and I have come to give it, for you are treasured by God. So consider the message and understand the vision:” Daniel‬ ‭9:23‬‬‬ Daniel prayed constantly. God had given him great faith and sometimes would delay His answers to test it. Our God has not … Continue reading Be A Daniel

Fun with Words

There are so many words in the English language which we don’t question and have no idea how we acquired them. Our common American English traces its roots back through middle English, old English, Germanic (or old French), and finally Latin. Looking up words and their etymology (language roots) is pretty rad. Here’s a fun … Continue reading Fun with Words

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

1. Education is expensive but potentially a worthy investment if you know what you want in life. A lot of students stumble into universities and pick a degree based on limited knowledge and experience. Picking a degree like picking a tattoo design on a whim off the wall of a tattoo parlor sounds fun but … Continue reading 10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Theology Thursday: One of the Best Gifts We we can ever give or receive

One of the best gifts we can ever give or receive is the truth in love. The American Gospel docuseries called Todd White out as a false teacher and his response was saying the film was "demonically inspired". Lately, he has received the the rebuke with humility after much soul searching and "pruning" in his … Continue reading Theology Thursday: One of the Best Gifts We we can ever give or receive

A Wonderful Surprise While Mowing Today!

To the person walking your dog by my yard and yeeting the poop bags behind the fence where they couldn’t be seen under the tall grass, I found them today and the mower helped to discover the wonderful surprises inside. While I do commend you for the long tenure of sneakily disposing of your pooches … Continue reading A Wonderful Surprise While Mowing Today!