Enduring vs Enjoying

All things are meant to be either endured or enjoyed. They are opposite sides of the same mountain. The dark hard path of endurance is hidden from any good light and an endless number of obstacles. Enjoyment is the sunny side of the mountain in a green cloak and pierced with peaceful streams. It is … Continue reading Enduring vs Enjoying

Nothing is the same…

…as it was 1 year ago. Really, not even a year yet. I lost my job for some key breakdowns in wisdom due to complications of mental health (poor diagnosis, wrong medication). Unfortunately, my marriage suffered wounds beyond the breaking point as well. I’ve held multiple jobs since August 26, 2021 but nothing has held. … Continue reading Nothing is the same…

“You’ve lost weight.”

"You've Lost Weight." Have you ever heard this? It's kind of a bold thing for someone to say because it involves an observation about your body. Whether you were trying to lose weight or not, someone noticed your figure being more slender than it was before. Losing weight can be a good thing and a … Continue reading “You’ve lost weight.”

You must enter as a child.

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” - Jesus, Matthew 10:15 Heaven is inhabited and the earth inherited by 10-year-olds. They are not all physically 10 but have shook hands and embraced their former 10 year old selves. It’s what is … Continue reading You must enter as a child.

“I’m going to buy your breakfast.”

live in Raymore Missouri and we have a little restaurant here called Missouri Mud. I’ve lived here the last six years I can count on one hand the times I’ve been here because I was going for the wrong reason. I’m a coffee nerd and their coffee is always there but not the way I … Continue reading “I’m going to buy your breakfast.”

What would you say if your daughter brought this guy home?

I found this artist in a meme you also may have seen floating around Facebook in the last week or so like myself. The meme said, “What would you say if your daughter brought this guy home?“ Maybe he just made the best version of himself based on what kind of torment he’s experienced. If … Continue reading What would you say if your daughter brought this guy home?

Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album

While the internet has solved quite a few of the world’s problems, it is not sinless. It has been the greatest human achievement in making knowledge accessible, but has also been another game of Chutes and Ladders. A good thing can unintentionally kill off other necessary thing. Using it has killed off a few things … Continue reading Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album