Freedom from Freedom

Satire, not necessarily based on recent events… “I’m convinced four of my neighbors, one on each side of the house, bought more fireworks than the city … each”, he said. He mused, “Neighbors, thank you for the following freedoms bestowed on us by your patronage… Freedom from never having to buy fireworks for myself.Freedom from … Continue reading Freedom from Freedom

How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.

I got to judge pies a couple years ago for a church function and tried to avoid any variation of pumpkin like Walmart but a buddy of mine made sure I got one. I distrust even well made pumpkin pies let alone the kind I got that had what seemed to have a Folgers coffee … Continue reading How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.

A Wonderful Surprise While Mowing Today!

To the person walking your dog by my yard and yeeting the poop bags behind the fence where they couldn’t be seen under the tall grass, I found them today and the mower helped to discover the wonderful surprises inside. While I do commend you for the long tenure of sneakily disposing of your pooches … Continue reading A Wonderful Surprise While Mowing Today!

Writing Exercise: “Selling” a Very Used Grill on Marketplace

I’m actually going to give it away because it was a gift in the first place. Buyer will be pleasantly surprised. Want steak? Got it! Chicken? Done! Veggies? Boom! Burgers and Dogs? Forget about it!! This grill will give you the summer experience you deserve and then some! Does she have a few obvious signs … Continue reading Writing Exercise: “Selling” a Very Used Grill on Marketplace

One Truly Remarkable MOMent

As early as 5 years of age I can remember believing our neighbor Bruce was an evil bachelor living across the street. I had convinced myself I'd seen him circling our house and that he'd taken my big wheel! My mom was wise to my lies but played along anyway. She traipsed over to his house to "give him what … Continue reading One Truly Remarkable MOMent