The Grief Thief #001: Painting the Pond

My wife and I are watching a series on Netflix right now called The Crown.  It's about the House of Windsor featuring the long reign of Queen Elizabeth.  It's hard to believe that she is the longest lasting monarch in Great Britain's history with a total of 65 years at the time of this writing.  … Continue reading The Grief Thief #001: Painting the Pond

What if God doesn’t fix it?

There's a scene in Thornton Wilder's play, The Angel that Troubled the Waters, that captures the essence of waiting on God to fix the broken thing, or things, in our lives. The scene is a medical doctor that comes to the pool everyday wanting to be healed of his own depression, anxiousness, and deep sadness.  … Continue reading What if God doesn’t fix it?

2 Ways to React to Bitterness

You're good.  You're not just good, you're exceptional.  A cut above the other really talented people.  A torque-tight set of skills, but... There's a few others in line before you. The bronze medal is an accomplishment that not many ever have the resilience to reach, but it ain't gold. The day you find out you're … Continue reading 2 Ways to React to Bitterness

The Groan Man

"Blood is blue." "The whole world gets along." "An expensive education is sure to make you wildly successful." "Your new smartphone won't seem outdated next year when the new one comes out." "The Browns won again!" "Real men don't cry." We've all said things that aren't true.  I had a teacher in elementary school that … Continue reading The Groan Man