Short Story: FIN IT TO WIN IT

Fin it to Win it And What to Do When You Can't Touch Bottom James, Nicki, and I had been asking dad all week to get in the water with us, but we quit after he acted like he couldn’t speak English in response. All we’d ever heard him say was “God made the ocean … Continue reading Short Story: FIN IT TO WIN IT

If you and I had lunch…

I don't do this as much as I'd like to, but sitting down with someone over lunch to ask them questions from their experience and unique perspective is a healthy exercise in personal growth. In my youthful ignorance, I used to only meet with leaders to ask these questions, but have since learned that we … Continue reading If you and I had lunch…

A Psychological Growth Plate

There are wounds we get when we're young that have a way of sticking around. If you got picked on, poked at, or made fun of for something, you may know what I'm talking about. Maybe you ran funny... or couldn't do "simple math"... had a different skin tone... too quiet... too loud... maybe all … Continue reading A Psychological Growth Plate

3 Things to Make Your 2018 Wishes Come True

I remember as a kid always being interested in asking questions just so I could answer it myself. My favorite was asking others "If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?" "More (or unlimited) wishes!" was the typical response from the majority of those I asked.  I could have written a fairly large … Continue reading 3 Things to Make Your 2018 Wishes Come True

10 Things to Remember in the First Year of Your New Job

Starting a new job is exciting!  You get a blank slate, new friends, challenges that hopefully fit your experience, among many other perks that come with the new digs.  The start of the year is high time for people taking new jobs so I thought of a few things that will hopefully be of some use to you along the way.  There's no doubt that you're first days and months on the new job are important and will make a lasting impact for the good or the not so good.  Below are some helpful tips to get you going in the first year.

Coaching Shorts #001 – “If you and I had a coffee together…”

If you grew up in the 80's like I did you remember the iconic shorts that coaches wore.  If your coach had a big gut these shorts would at least let him show off his big beefy tan legs if he had them. This segment I'm calling Coaching Shorts is dedicated to offering creative coaching … Continue reading Coaching Shorts #001 – “If you and I had a coffee together…”

The High’s and Low’s of Having a Boss that’s Younger than You

Two years ago I was out of work and landed a catering job at the University in town.  It was quite a drop in wage but it was exactly what I needed at the point.  My wife and I had opted for vacational (as opposed to vocational) ministry for the latter half of 2015.  The … Continue reading The High’s and Low’s of Having a Boss that’s Younger than You