Two Critical Things Influencers Do

Abe Lincoln knew a lot about a lot of things, but something he knew exceptionally well was how to influence people. This post touches on two things that Lincoln did that put him in the hall of fame of leaders and they are simple enough that anyone who's willing to pay attention can do. The … Continue reading Two Critical Things Influencers Do

Getting Started in Leadership

A friend of mine asked me a few questions for a project she was working on for a class in Christian leadership. Here they are. What are some guiding principles for how you arrived at being a leader?  1. Spend time with leaders. An internship is a great way to do this. Simply seeing what they do … Continue reading Getting Started in Leadership

10 Things to Remember in the First Year of Your New Job

Starting a new job is exciting!  You get a blank slate, new friends, challenges that hopefully fit your experience, among many other perks that come with the new digs.  The start of the year is high time for people taking new jobs so I thought of a few things that will hopefully be of some use to you along the way.  There's no doubt that you're first days and months on the new job are important and will make a lasting impact for the good or the not so good.  Below are some helpful tips to get you going in the first year.

The High’s and Low’s of Having a Boss that’s Younger than You

Two years ago I was out of work and landed a catering job at the University in town.  It was quite a drop in wage but it was exactly what I needed at the point.  My wife and I had opted for vacational (as opposed to vocational) ministry for the latter half of 2015.  The … Continue reading The High’s and Low’s of Having a Boss that’s Younger than You

The Dude Abides: Day 5 – Neighbors

Do you love your neighbor? Do you really love them? "Who is my neighbor?", the young man asked Jesus hoping to sidestep the broad category of having to love all people. "A man must not choose his neighbor. He must take the neighbor that God sends him. The neighbor is just the man who is … Continue reading The Dude Abides: Day 5 – Neighbors

The Dude Abides Day 4: Discernment

We've all had some dude give us bad advise a time or two. My wife and I were and youth ministry for 10 years and one thing I'd heard from a friend of mine got repeated many times over to my students. "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." I'd love to … Continue reading The Dude Abides Day 4: Discernment

The Dude Abides: Day 1 ~ Follow Me

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... and I will be with you, always, even to the end of the age” Matthew 28:19a-20b   These last recorded statements of Jesus make it plain and obvious what God’s agenda is for the church is until Christ returns.  An abiding dude’s due diligence is to be … Continue reading The Dude Abides: Day 1 ~ Follow Me

Managing your Influence

Managing my Influence **This content comes from me processing an article in Outreach Magazine article written by by Ed Stetzer** I'm a pastor.  Specifically, I'm an Outreach pastor at a church outside of Kansas City Missouri.  Based upon the nature of my job description I get asked multiple times a week for resources.  Sometimes my … Continue reading Managing your Influence

Getting Started in Leadership

I had a friend ask mine if I would put together a list of the most important things that developing leaders should do in order to grow. Below is just a brief snapshot of a few ideas. Here's the list. 1. Spend time with leaders. At least once a month ask a leader to lunch … Continue reading Getting Started in Leadership

Delegating Basics for Ball Hogs

Delegating responsibilities to others can be a way to multiply your efforts. So... Why is it so hard to give responsibilities away?  Maybe you don't struggle like I have.  If so, you're a few steps ahead of the game. Disclaimer: I've not been very good at delegating but I've adapted with age and experience.  Leading … Continue reading Delegating Basics for Ball Hogs