My hero… and twin.

My dad, Mike Holman, is a pastor in southern Indiana. He and my mom live in the parsonage on the church property and they have a neighbor named Ralph. Ralph wasn't a believer but he really liked talking to my dad. Dad isn't the pushy type or anything but had just befriended Ralph. They've sat … Continue reading My hero… and twin.

7 Tips for Churches Upping Their Hospitality Game

"Dear fellow churches, if you leave the guest book open right by the front door, there may be someone who feels like they need to sign in - that is, with a working pen." My wife and I were looking for a place to have a Christmas recital for her piano students and stumbled into … Continue reading 7 Tips for Churches Upping Their Hospitality Game

10 Things to Remember in the First Year of Your New Job

Starting a new job is exciting!  You get a blank slate, new friends, challenges that hopefully fit your experience, among many other perks that come with the new digs.  The start of the year is high time for people taking new jobs so I thought of a few things that will hopefully be of some use to you along the way.  There's no doubt that you're first days and months on the new job are important and will make a lasting impact for the good or the not so good.  Below are some helpful tips to get you going in the first year.

Rich Mullins – 20 years after the accident: A Repost

Every once in a while I like to do a sketch on historical Christians called Walking with the Giants. Not only does it draw on a strong link to the past, but also gives us insight into present day situations knowing that Christian brothers and sisters walked with Jesus just like us and have had … Continue reading Rich Mullins – 20 years after the accident: A Repost

7 “make you go hmmm” thoughts for Excellent Guest Services at Church

This material is originally from a post from Will Mancini, who is a "pastor turned vision coach."  He's worked with multiple churches, including mega-churches to church plants, and is the founder of Auxano, the creator of, and the author of Church Unique. He is passionate about helping the Church to create and sustain excellent guest services and hospitality, … Continue reading 7 “make you go hmmm” thoughts for Excellent Guest Services at Church

Guest Post by Gabriel Perez: “My Lord and My God”

One man's journey from unbelief, to doubt, to small faith. I guess at first that title doesn't seem very remarkable.  Unshakeable faith, and mountain moving faith seem to be a much better conclusion.  Bear with me please, as it's quite a journey.  It all started with my cousin Gilbert who had made a profession of … Continue reading Guest Post by Gabriel Perez: “My Lord and My God”

How deep is your love?

"It's not about setting goals, but about how your love has grown", said the author of the book called Irresistible Influence. This book has challenged my thinking as how to build bridges into the community that connect people to the real living and breathing Jesus.  The foundations of the bridges we build are proven by … Continue reading How deep is your love?

A Primer on Disciple-Making

I remember listening to one of the pastors preach on a Sunday evening at Cherry Street Baptist Church, in Springfield Missouri during my second Senior year at Baptist Bible College. Yes, I said my second Senior year. It was the only year they offered the program and haven't offered it since:) Okay, I crammed four … Continue reading A Primer on Disciple-Making