A High-Jacked

While listening to James Taylor’s Walking Man album tonight, I was taken back by the genius of his songs. He was in his middle 20s when he wrote and recorded it, which means he had to write from his young and limited experience. I do realize that some young artists have more God-given talent than others,... Continue Reading →


A Repost from the Coast

I wrote this post over a year ago but because of the recent earthquake on the east coast I've revised and reposted. ----------------------------------------------------- Up until now I can say that I have had little to no interest in seismic shifting and tectonic plates but all this recent activity has got me, and many more, thinking... Continue Reading →

When was the last time you went to the library for something other than a movie?

What did your last visit to the library consist of?(polls) Cameron and I were going through some of his school work today and were reading about how to research for a project. The book was colorful and interesting but it appeared to be old because it had pictures of a boy looking up info from... Continue Reading →

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